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Syllables, blends, tap it out! We know all the reading strategies! But teaching reading is not an easy task! Elementary teachers are the real heroes when it comes to teaching elementary students how to read! But, prep can be overwhelming.  Using centers and worksheets to reinforce our reading lessons makes reinforcement perfect for independent times! If you are looking for all of the low-prep, ready-to-use activities, you have come to the right place. I can’t wait to share with you all of the easiest prep reading comprehension worksheets and activities that can be used for centers right away for your kiddos! You are going to love these!

Reading Comprehension Worksheets

There are plenty of reading comprehension worksheets out there. These are a few of my students favorites! 

Fiction Notebook and Posters!

Teaching our beginning readers all about fiction is of utmost importance. Fiction and non-fiction are to be read in completely different ways. Story elements help build comprehension and understanding. Even our young readers are learning about setting, text structures like problem and solution, and learning all about characters and how we connect to them. These early reading skills are such an incredibly important foundation for their later years. In the Fiction Notebook and Posters pack, you will have a full unit that focuses on character, setting, problem, solution, plot, point of view, and lesson with a bulletin board display, posters for each element, notebook pages with examples, and even skill organizers for center time! This is a must-have and is available here for a little prep today!

Read and Doodle Challenges!

Up next are some really exciting and fun activities for reading comprehension and are so perfect for centers! These Doodle Challenges are a huge bundle of quirky, creative stories that students are going to have so much fun with. These Doodle Challenges are perfect for practicing the reading strategy of visualizing which is a huge benefit to increasing reading comprehension skills! This really is a must-have for centers and if you invest in the bundle here you will be set for the entire year with every season! If you are looking to just start with Pack 1, take a look here! I can’t wait to hear how much fun your kiddos have with these Read and Doodles and how much their reading comprehension is improving too!

Sight Word Bundle!

Without some extra practice with sight words, how are our elementary students going to develop those independent comprehension skills? Of course, centers are the perfect opportunity to incorporate some sight word activities. When kiddos can be independent and really take ownership of learning with helpful exercises around those sight words! The Sight Word Bundle series introduces and reviews 5 Fry sight words each week. There is sentence writing, unscrambling, and assessments! Grab the entire MEGA bundle here and have everything you need for your sight word centers for the whole year!

Reading Response Journal Prompts!

Reading response is such an incredible way to gauge comprehension and these prompts are the perfect addition to centers! Students can use an independent reading book to respond or a story you did together at Morning Meeting. Students will love being able to choose their reading response prompt, cut it, and glue it into their notebooks! It will be an awesome opportunity for choice and ownership as well being an easy prep activity for center time! No need to search for reading response journal prompts anymore! You will love these! Even better these include 6 sets of Fiction response question slips for a total of 30 prompts and 3 sets of Nonfiction response question slips for a total of 15 prompts! Grab all of the Reading Response Journal Prompts here and use them as soon as today!

Design Your Own Bookmarks!

Another super fun way to encourage reading comprehension and spread the love of reading is with this easy, no-prep station for designing bookmarks! Students are going to have so much fun creating these bookmarks, that they won’t be able to wait to dive back into a book to have the opportunity to use their brand-new bookmarks! This would also make an effortless and fun center activity for kiddos that gives them a break from the academics, but increases motivation tenfold! You can get these lovable bookmark templates here!

Elementary teachers are the real heroes teaching foundational reading skills, comprehension, fluency, and more. Take some of the stress off your plate with these super easy-to-use, fun worksheets and activities that can easily be incorporated into your centers as soon as tomorrow or maybe even today! I can’t wait to see how you use these comprehension activities in your centers!