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Did someone say science? Science is such a fun subject for students and often we don’t have a ton of time to really jump into the fun aspects of it! By using games and challenges with science, students will be learning, but also having fun! Most importantly they will remember all of the science they learned! Check out these 10 fun science games for the classroom and use them right away!

10 Science Games For The Classroom

These science games are not only easy to implement, but they are fun! Your students will be constantly asking to play them again and again.

Science Game #1:Doodle Challenges (Seasonal Science)

These doodle challenges are perfect for stretching those science brain muscles and really starting to think about all categories of seasonal science! Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter are all available with no prep! Spring doodle challenges have label as many birds as you can and winter has draw and label things that are round in a snow globe! Make it a game and see who has the most! Check them all out to have these fun, easy science activities to use today!

Science Game #2: Animal Groups Word Search

Word searches are the perfect activity for early finishers or just reinforcing those science concepts. Grab the Word Search Pack of 10 different animal word search puzzles to get kids thinking about science and the world of animals! Who doesn’t love a good word search?

Science Game #3: Insect Theme Day

Let’s be honest. Kids love insects. Those creepy crawlies are just fascinating to learn about! Turn your classroom into an insect theme for the day! Of course, this is one that has a specific STEM challenge called the Insect Creation STEM challenge! The students will create a brand new insect of their own design! Use any household materials that you can find to make it, like Playdough, paper, Cheerios, stones, or anything else you may have! This is just one activity amongst a whole day’s worth! Check it out for even more low-prep ideas to use right away! 

Science Game #4: STEM Building Challenges

Who doesn’t love to build? Grab those legos or Play-Doh and simply put the options for building on the screen and go! Try doing some speed races work or try the challenges for some harder STEM projects. Brainstorming, building, and thinking in these STEM challenges are so cool! Kids will have a memorable experience with this one!

Science Game #5: Farm Day Theme 

Here’s another one that is going to be a hit with the kiddos. Kids will learn all about farm animals, what they eat, special skills, animal groups, and more. Students will have a blast diving into animals on this theme day! Not only is this science related, but there is yoga, dancing, and drawing too! Keep your students engaged all day!

Science Game #6: Ocean Day Stations 

Kids do so well with stations and who doesn’t love the ocean? Use these Ocean Day Stations to build knowledge of the ocean, but also get their brains thinking, creating, and playing! Use all of the stations or just what you need and save the rest for later! This one includes mystery, writing, graphing, riddles, math, and of course STEM! Check it out and combine it with Ocean Theme Day for some extra fun!

Science Game #7: Doodle Challenges (Nonliving)

Doodle Challenges are perfect for demonstrating what students know, and this time it is about non-living things, fitting perfectly into your science curriculum! Students are given a letter and must doodle a non-living thing that is represented by that letter! This one is creative, exciting, easy, and fits with science activities! Make it a game by making it a race to see who can doodle first!

Science Game #8: Animal Group Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Animal Group Hunt Scavenger Hunt is so much fun! This pack contains two different animal group scavenger hunts. The students will travel around the room to locate the lettered cards. On each card, there is a real photograph of an animal. The student will select which animal group that animal in the photograph belongs to and write it on the scavenger hunt organizer. What a great way to get kids moving! Don’t miss out on this one to get students moving and excited about science!

Science Game #9: Rainbow Day

Rainbow Day is a mix of science, reading, writing, physical activities, mindfulness, art, and more! Students can learn all about how rainbows are formed and create one of their own with some simple supplies. Rainbows are super cool to look at and even cooler when you understand how they are made! What a great STEM lesson this will be! This will keep students happily learning all day.

Science Game #10: Dinosaur Theme Day

A dinosaur theme day is a must! Turning your room into a dinosaur world for the day will keep kids talking about it all year! This theme day contains all the dinosaur activities needed to engage students all day. Everything is here for this perfect world of dinosaurs including some great science games and activities!

The world of science awaits you with these fun, engaging games and activities perfect for the world of STEM! These games and activities will really blow their minds away! Looking for some more science ideas? Check out these other blogs too! Here are Seasonal Science Doodles and STEAM vs. STEM! These 10 fun science games for the classrooms are perfect for your elementary students and to make learning science fun!