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Science has spoken. Coloring is the perfect addition to a classroom. It is rewarding, and calming, encourages creativity, and students of all ages just have fun coloring. Ensuring you have coloring sheets for all the seasons is a game-changer! Kiddos will love seeing all of the new seasonal coloring sheets that you have available to keep their calm and engagement flowing this school year! Check out this round-up of all of the best seasonal coloring pages to grab today!

7 Seasonal Coloring Pages

Seasonal coloring pages are fun pictures you can color based on different times of the year, like holidays or seasons. They’re great for kids and adults to enjoy and get creative with throughout the year.

Fun Fall Coloring Pages

 Ah! The leaves are falling, the temperatures are cooling, and the pumpkins are popping up all throughout the room. Fall is a wonderful time of year and is so fun for students. The apples, the pumpkins, the leaves, and of course Halloween all make Fall a little extra special. This blog is a must-read about fun fall coloring!

Back to School Coloring

Of course Back to School is its own season! Stores start the back-to-school season before summer is even over! Back-to-school coloring is perfect for calming little nerves, building routines, and even building relationships over coloring! Definitely take a look at this one!

Summer Coloring Pages

The warm weather is here and outside is the place to be, but sometimes a little inside relaxation is just what the teacher ordered. Summer coloring is the perfect addition to a hot classroom that needs a relaxing activity to help get them to the summer break.

Mindful Coloring

Being mindful is seasonal! It works in all the seasons! Combat those winter blues when the kiddos are a little down, a little rowdy, or feeling a little blah. A little mindful coloring is great during testing season too. Keep all the students feeling grounded with this one!

The Ultimate Coloring Book for Kids

Are you just looking for the ultimate set? Do you want all of the seasons in one place? This is the one for you. Check this one out and see all of the options for an entire year of coloring. Buy this one once and you can repeat it year after year!

Monthly Doodle Challenges

Looking for something related to coloring that is seasonal, but not exactly just coloring sheets? These Monthly Doodle Challenges are exactly what you are looking for! They use all of the benefits of coloring, but combine them with the addition of praciticing vocabulary or comprehension too! Take a look!

The Colorful Benefits for Every Student– Looking for that science I was talking about before? This is the perfect post for you to learn why coloring is the ultimate tool in classrooms and why so many teachers are raving about the power of a coloring sheet! This is a must-read!

Seasonal coloring is so important in a classroom and is perfect for indoor recess, early finishers, connections to content, mindfulness, and more. The benefits of coloring are huge and keeping the coloring sheets new and exciting will make elementary students even more excited about coloring, without even knowing all of the wonderful benefits! Let me know which ones you decide to grab! Happy coloring!