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 Vibrant, energetic, and new beginnings all describe spring! It is a time of renewal, baby animals, flowers blooming, and not the mention the much wanted warm air starts to seep in. Spring also brings that intense kid energy that we have to combat with learning in a fun and exciting way! No worries though because I have a whole bunch of really fun spring bulletin board ideas that include lots of crafts, spring holiday celebrations, writing, and more! Keep reading for some exciting spring bulletin board ideas!

Egg-Cellent Craftivity and Spring Bulletin Board!

Kiddos will love having this engaging opportunity to reflect on what it means to be “a good egg” or make them “egg-cellent” to themselves and others! What an incredible idea with the springtime sillies! This perfect companion to the book, The Good Egg. This crafivity will have students working hard, thinking, writing, and of course creating. Kids are going to love this perfect spring and Easter egg craft. Included are easy-to-use templates and lots of different writing options. Kids are going to love seeing their finished projects in the hallway or on the bulletin board! Grab the egg craftivity here.

Opinion Writing: Bunny Donut Craftivity and Bulletin Board!

Springtime is the perfect time for opinion writing! This craftivity is so much fun and fits exceptionally well with spring! Pair this spring craft and writing task with a mentor text. The book Duck Rabbit. Kiddos will have inspiration and excitement around their own opinion writing! With the Bunny Donut craft, the students will lean into their opinions and decide if it is a bunny or a donut! They will support their opinion with evidence. Then you can display their wonderful writing along with their craft on your bulletin board! Of course, there are writing templates included too! Grab the Bunny Donut Craft here.

Class Family!

If you didn’t use the book Our Class is a Family to start the year, this will be so perfect for the spring! This book and craft will help reset community rules, share ideas, and of course reinforce respect and understanding amongst classmates. Revisiting the idea of a class family will help reset feelings of community and remind the class that they are truly a family! Students will be so proud to see their houses collaboratively together on the bulletin board! Grab this one here!

“Bun”derful Burgers!

Let’s talk creativity! This opinion writing activity and craft is great for the spring when students are really prepared to share that opinion writing and have a little fun doing it too! This activity has students “cook” up the best burger! They need to decide whether it will be made of chocolate, have rainbow sprinkles for seeds, or will it be a juicy burger with barbeque sauce. The options are endless! This is a must for spring opinion writing and can be snagged here!

We are Over the Rainbow!

Springtime renewal is all about reflection! Spring is known for rainbow season making it the perfect time to think about the answer to the prompt, “We are Over the Rainbow for..” This really fits the spring theme, St. Patrick’s Day, or just anytime in the spring season! Students will love talking about all of the things, people, or ideas that bring them joy and happiness and maybe even a little luck! This bulletin board set includes all of the craft templates, writing templates, and the building board lettering! This is a must-have and is available here!

Lucky Rainbow!

Here’s another great addition for spring and St. Patrick’s Day! This one incorporates some really fun creative writing and students will have a chance to write about what they found from their lucky rainbow! Of course, the students will have a blast thinking about what they could find in their lucky rainbow! The writing and crafts will look adorable on a bulletin board highlighting writing skills and creativity! Grab this one here.

Earth Day Craftivity!

What is spring without Earth Day? Sharing Earth Day with students is vital for taking care of our Earth in the future. This is the perfect creativity to celebrate Earth Day, get some cool bulletin boards, and allow the students to reflect on Earth Day too! Students can write about how they will, “Make Every Day Earth Day” or how they will make an “Earth Day Promise!” Pair this with other Earth Day activities and you will have a full day of fun! Grab it here.

Springtime is a time of renewal, reflection, and high energy! Combine the students’ energy with some positive thinking, writing, and fun! Students are going to love all of these Spring Bulletin Board ideas! I can’t wait to see which ones you use!

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