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Loops and curls, lines and swirls…who doesn’t love a good doodle? Are you looking for a creativity challenge for your elementary or even older students? Let’s get our kiddos thinking outside the box with some squiggle challenges! Squiggle challenges mix art, creative thinking, and some out-of-this-world imagination! Squiggle creations are no prep. They are ready to go and perfect for even our youngest learners! Watch their visions come to life with squiggle creations by grabbing the challenge pack here or going for the monthly themed bundle of no-prep challenges right here!

Did you Know?

Doodling is actually a way of relaxing, focusing our brains, and, better yet, helping us solve creative problems! Creating these squiggle creations will not only help students with their focus and thinking through a problem but also help clear their minds for creative thoughts and ideas!

It is the perfect way to get students to focus on schoolwork in a way that they will never even see coming! Working on problems creativity allows students the possibility of understanding how problems can be worked through in a variety of ways, including thinking outside of the box.

Squiggle Creations

Squiggle creations are really just that, creative! All of the squiggles give students a line or a multitude of shapes making the open-ended possibilities limitless for our students. They can take that squiggle and make it travel to a magical kingdom in Europe or design a perfect pink pony. You might see a new robot creation or a rainbow. 


Squiggle Creations are even themed! If you are looking to have squiggle creations all year, grab the themed monthly bundles. With these, you’ll be set for the entire year. Each monthly themed pack has 20 different squiggles for students to complete. You will have more than enough for the whole school year!

When Should We Doodle?

Squiggle creations are perfect for early finishers, morning work, and indoor recess. You can even use them during state testing time when students need to remain quiet. Make the squiggle creations a game or a race, and choose the best squiggle creations. Then hang them on the hallway bulletin board!

Squiggle creations could be great to leave for substitutes or even for open house when students come with their parents! Are any art teachers looking for some extra activities? These are perfect for you too!

Creative Thinking

Our students will benefit from activities in creative thinking. Students that are given opportunities for creative and critical thinking are making more meaning out of their school experience. They are having more fun, and school becomes a more joyful experience.

Giving opportunities for creative outlets allows students to practice synthesizing information in a real way that helps build their brain muscles. They then use them for reading, writing, math, and science. The opportunities to flex their brain in these ways make their educational experience much richer and builds those foundations for the future. The sheer amount of problem-solving skills that are built just with squiggle creations are worth the activity. But teachers can also get some insight into how a student learns, thinks, and feels by watching them be creative with squiggle creations. The opportunity to learn how student brains work will be hugely helpful in other areas of the curriculum as well!

You have to grab the full-themed pack of Squiggle Creations or the Squiggle Creation Challenges and give it a try in your classroom today. They are so entertaining, and students will be engaged and thoughtful. You will get an incredible glimpse into how each individual thinks things through, which is invaluable to teaching them all the subjects! Take some time to do some Squiggle Creations on your own too, and give yourself a timeout to be creative and think outside the box! You never know what you might come up with when doodling! Grab the Squiggle Creations themed packs here or the challenges here! Can’t wait to hear how your students do with the Squiggle Creations!

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