STEM activities for elementary school

Problem-solving, check! Critical thinking, check! Perseverance, check! Learning to make mistakes and learn from them, check! We are definitely talking about STEM activities in the elementary classroom. STEM encompasses all of the aspects of science, technology, engineering, and math. This beautiful umbrella welcomes so many fun activities to engage elementary students and really get them thinking critically and making important decisions. STEM activities also incorporate teamwork and are so much fun. Kids will talk about STEM activities all year and keep asking for more! Take a look at some of the most fun STEM activities for elementary school below!

candy from STEM activities

Magnetic STEM Mazes!

Mazes, candy, and building? Of course, this one is going to be a hit! This activity is perfect for grades K-3 and probably a few more too! Students will be tasked with STEM challenges including designing and building their maze, testing their creation, and of course writing to reflect upon what worked, what didn’t, or what they would like to try next. Students get to “shop” for candy for their mazes, which they will love! Then they will be tasked with creating their blueprint, and using the magnetic rods to successfully lead the metal ball through their maze! This encompasses all of the best parts of STEM, trial and error, problem-solving, critical thinking, and of course fun! This is a must-have for STEM activities for elementary classes! Get yours here today!


Building Challenges Pack 1!

Low-prep STEM activities? Yes, please! Building Challenges are the perfect STEM challenge that can be used for Morning Meeting, Fun Friday, indoor recess, Brain Breaks, or even speed challenges. Buildinng Challenges are also a great choice for a full STEM brainstorming, planning, and building activity. Versatility is everything. Included in this pack are 4 versions of STEM challenge slides! These are great for virtual classrooms or projecting on some type of Smart Board. Each of the 4 sets has 10 different challenges to build! The material choices are endless. You could use Play-Doh, blocks, Legos, or even cereal! Open up the creativity for students with this one! Building Challenges is another perfect STEM activity for elementary that the kids will rave about all year long! Get Pack 1 here now!

Building Challenges Pack 2: Seasons, Pack 3, and the MEGA Bundle!

STEM is all about building and this second pack of Building Challenges is all about the seasons! In this set, you get all of the fun from the previous pack with new options to build. But this time the challenges are themed, Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer! This pack will have you covered all year long! Grab Pack 2 here! Pack 3 is also available and ready to use to have enough for the whole year. Better yet, just grab the whole bundle of them here and get Pack 3 here too to have even more options.

Peep Tower STEM challenge!

Peeps, towers, and teamwork? This STEM challenge is every kid’s dream! This one is a must-have! Peep Towers requires students to use all of the STEM learning steps to design, build, test, and reflect! The Peeps make this so much fun! Included is an original story about Lillipeep, who has been peep-napped! She will be forced to marry an evil Bug King if she isn’t rescued by your students! Collaboratively students design their tower, build the tower, and try to rescue Lillipeep from the evil Bug King! Kiddos won’t be able to resist this one and will be learning, thinking, and challenging themselves to persevere the entire time making this one of the best STEM activities for elementary! Grab it here today!

STEM Materials Parent Donation Letters!

This one isn’t exactly an activity, but STEM-building materials can add up, so it doesn’t hurt to get some donations to build your material arsenal! This letter prompt is ready to use, and will be a great addition to STEM activities all year long with just a few donations! Included in the letter is what STEM is and why it is so crucial for young learners. The letter asks not only for donations but also materials to keep your STEM challenges well stocked. There is also the STEM materials list and suggested items! A schoolwide list is included too, for clubs, or maybe as a grade-level team! Letters are available here!

STEM activities for elementary school are critical for student learning and growth. Students need lots of opportunities to become critical thinkers, and planners, and learn from hands-on experiences. STEM activities in elementary school welcome creativity, and collaboration, and build confidence! Let me know which STEM activities for elementary school you chose to use with your kiddos!