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Are you working in summer school or a summer program? Then of course you need summer bulletin boards! Even in the summer, bulletin boards are so much fun to motivate students, and keep the classroom inviting and exciting! No matter the reason, creating summer bulletin boards is so fun for end-of-the-year, summer school, or summer programs! Enjoy the sunshine, and dive into some summer bulletin board ideas!


Balloons are so simple to blow up and attach to a bulletin board and the ideas are endless for this one! This is really easy too! Grab a pack of nylon balloons, blow them up, grab some handy bulletin board letters, and write, “Popping into Summer” and decorate with balloons!

Creating hot air balloons is another easy board for summer! Create the baskets with some construction paper or card stock and add that nylon, blown-up balloon to the top, and voila, another summertime bulletin board that is easy peasy! “Soaring through the Summer” or “Float Away in Second Grade” are fun taglines for this one!

Summer Bucket List Goals!

You can never go wrong with goals for students. The summer is short, but so much learning can occur in a short amount of time! This one is simple too! Title it, “Summer Bucket List,” print out some simple sand pail shapes in a variety of colors, and have students write their summer bucket list of goals and attach them to the sand pails! Another simple, but fun bulletin board to use in the summertime! If you need some writing templates, grab them here for summer and more!

Beach Theme!

Keeping with the beach theme, how about, “Our Class is Sand-tastic!” This time get some cutouts of simple sandcastles, add the student names, and students will feel welcome and a part of the class instantly! Use some brown bulletin board paper to create sand and blue for the water to create the background!

“Flip Flop into Summer” would work too! Print out some colorful flip-flops and add student names for the same effect as the sand castles. If you are looking for quick and easy, just use a colorful background and add the flip flops all around!  Students will feel welcomed, and excited about the summer program. If you are just ending your school year, this is another great bulletin board to prepare students for the transition into summer! Change the title a bit and use “Flip Flop into 2nd Grade.” Using the flip-flops is so much fun!


Who doesn’t love a good popsicle? Cut out the popsicle shape in different colors and add real popsicle sticks or cut those out too! Add a fun color background, something bright for summer, and a fun title like: “We are Ready for a Sweet Summer” or “Anything is Popsicle.” Looking to make it interactive? Create popsicles with the letters of the alphabet or numbers for students to search and find. Use a worksheet where students record their matches. The popsicles can be math problems too, for students to take down and answer on worksheets for some station work!

Low Prep?

If you are looking for some low-prep bulletin boards that are easy to use, you have to check out some of the craftivities I have available for summer! The Ice Cream Craftivity, or End of the Year Watermelon Craftivity would work great for summer bulletin boards, and you can grab them right now! Check out this link to a fun bundle including Ice Cream and Watermelon for your summer needs!

Summer bulletin boards are a ton of fun, and there are so many options! I would love to see what you come up with! Share your ideas for your summer bulletin boards and I hope your summer is full of relaxation, fun, and love for those students in front of you!

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