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The sun is shining, the ice cream trucks are jingling, and the beaches are calling! Summertime is here! Who doesn’t love summer? As a teacher, summer calling is such an exciting time of year. Using Summer Coloring Pages to finish up a school year or to use during summer school or camp is the perfect addition to any school day! Even better grab them for your own children at home too! You have to keep reading to check out some of the options available for Summer Coloring Pages! I can’t wait to see what you think!

5 Summer Coloring Pages for All Grades

Administrators want to see students learning until those last days. So how can you ensure students are having fun and still engaged? These summer coloring pages are always a hit in any grade level.  Plus, there are so many benefits when it comes to drawing and coloring in the classroom.

Fun in the Sun

First up is Fun in the Sun of course! This pack of 40 different summer images is so much fun. It is going to be your students’ favorite coloring sheets because who doesn’t love ice cream, flamingoes, kites, sandcastles, and more? Cynthia C., a first-grade teacher, left this review: “These were a perfect option for free choice time. The kids liked the different choices and I liked that they weren’t too overwhelming yet not too simple either. Just perfect.” The pages are truly a fun way to incorporate some fine motor skill development and build patience without overwhelming students and letting them have fun! You can grab them all right here

Ocean Life

Next up for Summer Coloring Pages is Ocean Life! Summer is vacation time, and trips to the ocean or beaches are a favorite of many families. Learning about ocean life through coloring is so much fun! Kids love exploring the unknown, and the ocean is a vast sea of unknown! From exploring giant squids to different sharks and sea turtles, this is an incredible coloring selection to pair with a unit on ocean life in science or to pair with some fun stories in reading. Writing is the perfect addition to these coloring sheets or do some fact based research as an exciting companion to these coloring sheets! These are a must-have and are available here now!

Animal Fun

Another must-have is Animal Fun Coloring Sheets! This incredible pack has 65 pages of animal coloring! This is the perfect addition to a summer school program, a summer camp, or just to end the school year strong with some fun coloring around animals! The end of the school year is the perfect time for independent research and these coloring sheets are the perfect companion. Looking for something for the students to be motivated to read about? Again, the perfect addition! Take a look at this review from Julianna W. Julianna said, “We used this during our summer camp during morning activity tables. All of the kids loved the cute animal coloring pages.” Take a look at the set here and print and go!

Alphabet Fun

Is it time to review? Time to end the year strong and make sure all of those standards are hit? Alphabet Fun is a great addition to your summer school repertoire or to review those standards before sending your kiddos off to the next grade. This is great for any time of year, but awesome for that summer slide support. All of the letters are here and so adorable the kids won’t be able to resist! Have the kids make an end-of-the-year alphabet with words that start with the letter to show all of their learning for the year! Grab this set of 70 pages here!

Calm Coloring

Lastly, summer is the perfect time to practice being mindful. The sun is shining, the sweat is pouring, and our energy is high! Sometimes we just need some calm coloring time to reset our intentions and refocus our energy! This bundle is incredible for helping students reset, rewind, and stay in control of their emotions and bodies when the summer sunshine is calling! Grab this fun Calm Coloring here!


Summertime is so much fun and should be celebrated! What better way to celebrate summer than with coloring? These Summer Coloring Pages are a relaxing addition to the curriculum, indoor recess, early finishers, or just for fun! If you’re looking for coloring pages for the whole year, you have to check out the Coloring Pages Full Year Bundle here! I can’t wait to see your reviews on Summer Coloring Pages!