Are you looking for one final sweet activity before the summer? Maybe you are in charge of a camp and need some summer craft activities? Check out this really exciting craftivity that all of the kids will enjoy! This low-prep end-of-the-year craft is perfect for celebrating the year’s end or summer! The cupcake floats focus on what the students plan to do to “cake” it easy this summer. Check out the Summer Cupcake Craftivity and definitely get your copy here today!

What’s Included?

Included in the creativity is everything you need to make a fun, and easy, low-prep activity for those end-of-the-year days. Kids will think about how they are going to take some days for some much-needed relaxation. Included in the pack are cupcake float craft parts, which can be printed on colored paper or have students color them too!  Even better, the bulletin board pieces for writing, “Cake” it Easy this Summer!” are also included to show off those end-of-the-year writing skills and drawings! The writing templates include different line variations, some with blank space for drawing and no lines too for our pre-writing scholars!

Why Relaxation?

Relaxation is so important to students. Not only does it give a much-needed break to students, but it can actually improve physical health, improve students’ moods, increase their ability to make decisions, and increase creativity. When students take time to relax over the summer, they are setting themselves up for success for the next school year. They will improve in academics, sports, and even friendships! Believe it or not, relaxation also goes along with a decrease in illness too! Taking some time to reflect on relaxation and why it is important is so critical to student understanding of social-emotional well-being and will help them remember the need for a break!

“Cake it Easy”

Students will have so much fun thinking and sharing their ideas for relaxation this summer. Kids will be excited to share their plans for swimming, beaching, hiking, playing with siblings, or super exciting vacation plans. Students love to share and this is a perfect opportunity for students to do just that! The play on words will also be a huge reminder to students that language can work in crazy ways sometimes and “cake it easy” is a play on words! Make it another lesson and see how many other ways they can say relax, without saying the word relax!

Summer Craft Activities: Summer Cupcake Craftivity

I can’t wait to see all of your student’s hard work thinking about their summer relaxation ideas! This is one of my favorite summer craft activities. I know it will be the perfect bulletin board for parents to scope out at the end-of-the-year picnics or field day! Parents are going to love seeing the kiddos reflecting on how they are going to spend their summers and the idea of relaxing! “Cake it Easy” is going to give you a whole bunch of laughs and some exciting conversations! If you are looking for Craftivities for all year, check out the link to my bundle here! Craftivities are the perfect end-of-the-year activity and this one is extra fun! Grab your copy here today!

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