symmetry activities summer themed shows images where students draw the other half of the picture

If your kiddo struggles with math concepts over summer it is important to continue to practice skills and have fun too. That is why we created this symmetry activity themed for summer. It is a fun no prep activity to have on hand.

                       Download this bulletin board craft idea here!

How To Use These Symmetry Activities

These fun complete the picture activities allows students to understand the basic concepts of symmetry. First of all, symmetry is a basic math skill usually taught in elementary school, and with these no prep printables you can easily use this to introduce this math skill. Students will complete the second half of each picture and try to make it as symmetrical as possible. Next, students can color each picture too. For more information click here!

This Doodle Pack is focused on symmetry. Each page contains 4 images cut in half. The mission is to draw the other half of each picture as “symmetrical” as possible. This pack is summer/end of the year themed!

These doodle challenges were created to not only inspire art and creativity with kids, but to practice visualization, fine motor skills, following directions, and more! Please download the preview to see a full look at what you are getting.

-30 pages included x 4 images per page = 120 challenges in all!

Super fun for early finishers, indoor recess, morning work, fun time Friday, etc. I hope your kids have as much fun creating their doodles as I had putting these together! Download here today!