Did you say low-prep? Oh yes, we are feeling the summer days upon us and low-prep sounds like a beautiful song to my ears! Here to solve your end-of-the-year planning is Summer Theme Day Centers! The stations will be perfect for a summer themed day with 10 super engaging activities! The best part is just to print, go, and have some fun! There are even a few bonus stations to add for a little extra challenge! Make sure to get your set of Summer Theme Day Centers here to end your year with a little sunshine!

Party time!

Summer-themed days are perfect for summer themed classroom parties and still provide opportunities for thinking and learning. The summer-themed days also include activities that can be great for morning work, early finishers, coloring pages, headbands, and more! This is literally a perfect one-stop shop for an end-of-the-year activity that is all set to go! Take a look at what the pack includes:

  • Headband-This includes a pretty cool template to attach to a sentence strip. The kids are going to look adorable!
  • Word Search-Work on building those brain power skills of memory and problem-solving!
  • Stations Mini Book-Students will be able to track which stations they have moved to and where to go next! This also makes the teacher’s job even easier. 
  • Station Signs-Just print and go! Station signs are ready to be printed for all activities so students can follow the stations easily!
  • Bonus Stations– Rock painting and Summer Snack Stop (you may need to grab some supplies for these).

The Summer Theme Centers include 10 different stations:

These summer theme day centers are perfect for the end of the year and enjoying a summer day while still in school. 

Time Capsule:

 Who doesn’t love a good time capsule to look back on in years to come? This is a perfect end of the year activity for some reflection and fun!

Summer Mystery:

Color to reveal the hidden picture! Practice identifying those numbers and get a sweet surprise at the end!

Summer Mazes:

 Summer mazes go from small to large and the challenge is on! Race your friends or challenge yourself!

Ice Cream Craft:

Add some scoops of ice cream writing with a fun craft to remember all of the best parts of the year. Add as many scoops as you want!  Writing prompts are included too. Favorite book, field trips, any details about the class, and some ice cream scoops to color or draw too. Color and enjoy! The ice cream craft is super fun for students and is always available in my store separately too!

Summer Color Code:

 Practice using a special code to color the image correctly. This one requires some critical thinking plus fun!

Summer Mandalas:

Color and cut out your beautiful mandalas! These are great for decoration or bulletin boards too. Kids will relax and be stress-free by coloring these mandalas.

Summer Skits:

Decorate and cut out the various characters. Add popsicle sticks and act out a fun summer skit to get everyone excited! Students will write out their script and practice those writing and storytelling skills at the same time as really enjoying the station.

Math Challenge:

Get those muscles moving when you search the classroom for the 22 math challenges and solve them! Make it a challenge in figuring out where they are. Pair students off for extra collaboration. Students will record their answers on the print-and-go sheet.

Balloon Tennis:

Grab your leftover balloons and some popsicle sticks for this station. Students will decorate a paper plate, add their popsicle sticks, and then it’s a game of keep up. How long can students keep their balloons in the air with a partner? You know a lot of laughs will come out of this station!

Thank you Card:

This station is all about gratitude. There are thank you card templates to print and provide for students. The rest is up to the students to show thanks to those that have helped them through this school year! They can write, color, and draw and lots of people will benefit from this station!

Summer Theme Day Centers are so comprehensive. You have to grab your set and try them before the year is out for summer! The students will have so much fun, be learning, playing, laughing, and flexing their skills before school lets out for summer. You will have minimal prep and an easily planned day that looks like you spent weeks preparing for! Here’s the link! If you are looking for even more theme days, Animal Day and Ocean Day are available too! Check out this blog post about Ocean Day and tell me what you think!