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Summer, summer, summertime! Yes, summer is for relaxation and time to rejuvenate, but so many of us are working summers and want fun, supportive classrooms for students that need that extra love in the summer! Decorating classrooms in the summer may be low on the list of priorities, but it does make the summer class a little more exciting, and welcoming of course. Check out some of these ideas for summertime classroom decor!

Bright Colors!

How could you go wrong with bright colors in the summer? Get those neon papers out for worksheets, and print some inspirational quotes for students on Canva using neon paper to hang on the walls! Use neon paper to print your classroom jobs, your objective or goal, and your agenda for the day! It really will make a difference in brightening up your classroom. 

This is really helpful if you have to travel or are using someone else’s space for summer school, which, unfortunately, is often a reality for teachers! I have a whole bunch of stuff in my Amazon store, including some Watercolor Printer Paper, which is perfect for this theme! I also have Astro Bright Sentence Strips, which would perfectly match student work in the bright color theme! Here’s the link!


What about flamingos? What a great way to decorate your classroom by simply using some flamingo cutouts from the dollar store. Pair this with the bright colors, and your summer classroom will be the perfect motivational learning space. Get some small blow-up flamingoes to keep as classroom pets, and the kids will have a blast taking care of them! Make cute bulletin boards with flamingoes and the kids’ names! You could use: “This Summer is Flamazing,” “Our Flock Sticks Together,” or “Welcome to the Flock.” Flamingoes are the perfect way to decorate for summer in your classroom! 

Also available is my Cupcake Craftivity, which happens to incorporate flamingoes and would be perfect to get the students involved in the decor. Check it out here! The perfect addition to your summertime classroom decor!


Of course, you could go with the classic beach theme and do some beach-related bulletin boards! Grab some beach balls from your local dollar store to motivate the students. They could be added to a prize box or used as a tool to pass for sharing stories or answering questions. Bulletin board ideas could say: “Let’s Have a Ball This Summer,” and use beach balls with the students’ names. Grab some sensory kinetic sand buckets to continue the beach theme and have students digging for letters, sight words, or numbers to answer math problems as they continue with the beach theme! If you want to do even more, a palm tree is always fun! Bring in some real plants for the students to take care of! Maybe not a palm tree, but some fun summery flowers would be a perfect addition to summer learning.

Ocean Theme

Of course, when you think summer, you think water, ocean, ocean creatures, and swimming, so turn your room into an ocean theme! There are many fun ocean-themed decorations at the local party store or dollar store. Combine this with the beach and flamingo theme, and your class decor will be top-notch! I even have an Ocean Theme Game to go along with this theme! Check it out!

Ocean Day Stations

If you’re looking for something already created to go with your ocean theme, you must check out the current ocean day stations! Print and go, perfect for those chaotic summer planning days! The Ocean Day Stations pack has 10 engaging center activities plus a center challenge, which is great motivation for the kiddos! It is super low prep and perfect for summer! Plus, it will add to your summertime classroom decor. Learn more about my ocean theme day activities here.

Ice Cream

How could you go wrong with an ice cream summer decor? This would be so much fun to create and super easy too. The students could easily get involved in creating their own ice cream cone crafts, sharing their favorite ice creams, and combining this with the neon colors makes it ready to go!  Even better, I have an Ice Cream Craftivity for students to do that is super low prep and fun! Grab it here! Modify the writing if needed, but use the craft and have students answer any prompt you want!

Also available are some Ice Cream Stations! Take the work out of planning and match your decor! These Ice Cream themed centers contain all the math, writing, and creative resources you need! If you have stations on your mind but get overwhelmed at the thought of it, then this is just what you need! The stations are perfect for Pre-K-2nd grade. The stations are super engaging and the best part is you can use it year after year! Get your Ice Cream Stations here!

One more ice cream idea is to set up some fun book recommendations on your whiteboard, or bookshelf and label it: “Reading Something Cool” along with the book recommendations. Grab some fun ice cream decorations from the dollar store or party store too.

Decorations for the summer classroom are so fun and can be so different than the school year! Embrace the summertime traditions, and be sure to share your summer classroom decor! I can’t wait to see what you do!