Is that end of the year energy bouncing off the walls in your classroom too? The sunshine is peering through the clouds and the students are sensing the need to bust out of these classroom walls! The end of the school year is near and our little family is getting ready to make their move to the next grade! It is time to end the year with something extra exciting and absolutely NO PREP! The Brain Boomers Summer Pack has 90 pages of ready-to-go activities for students to use today!  Looking for more info? Check the link here and keep reading for some more ideas!

What’s Included?

This bundle has it all! There are 90 pages included! Choose from puzzles, mazes, color by number (short vowel, long vowel, etc.), math activities, directed drawings, pencil tracing, challenges, mindful coloring, and WAY MORE! Super fun for early finishers, indoor recess, morning work, fun time Friday.

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Brain Boosters Challenge the Mind!

Puzzles, mazes, and different challenges actually improve cognitive skills in children. These brain boosters build muscles in the brain for thinking, reasoning, and even remembering. Besides the huge advantages of building those brains, students are also working on improving memory, concentration, focus, and builds the ability to be patient and problem solve through a challenge.

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Let’s Dive a Little Deeper

Not only do Summer Brain Boomers have mazes and puzzles, there are also adorable crafts, like a sandcastle, slice of cake, and even a toucan! Students can cut, color, and put together the craft for the end of the year to take home or to add to those beautiful summer themed bulletin boards! Pair it with a writing prompt to make the craft to get even more use out of the project!

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Another Brain Boomer includes learning to draw for our artistic kiddos. Step by step directions and clear pictures are used to model how to draw different summer related creatures like crabs, and fish, and of course a whole bunch more too!

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Work on writing perfect lines with finish the picture! Sandcastles and palm trees are all ready to be completed by little hands! Working on tracing or adding lines improves those fine motor skills, concentration, and visual spatial awareness. You can’t go wrong with those facts! There is also completing summer themed mazes combing critical thinking with those fine motor skills and of course some good old tracing Brain Boomers to continue working on perfect lines, a prewriting skill!

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Included are also some finish the story pictures. There will be a prompt and students will add their drawing to it. For example, “Draw something unexpected under this girl’s boat!” Not only are they thinking, discussing, drawing, but they are also reading and seeing some new summer vocabulary in action.

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Of course there is writing too! Students can write about what they are packing for vacation or complete a summer bucket list! There are even some templates for students to create their own comic books! It would be a great way to remember you school year or write about what they are going to do over the summer. Of course there are also some fun summer journal prompts too.

Along with those writing prompts are some fun dot-to-dot number practices. Working with numbers further is coloring a mystery picture! Color the correct corresponding numbers and reveal a mystery image! Those are always a ton of fun!

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Are you looking to channel that creative energy into something a little more productive? Brain Boomers are the perfect activity to end the year. Try the Summer Brain Boomers and then you can grab the sets for all year long too! But the summer themed ones are just a little extra fun at the end of the year. Take some time to enrich and challenge students to be creative, and maybe even instill some calmness in the classroom! Remember that much needed break you need from planning? All of the activities require absolutely NO PREP! Just print and go! Grab them here! If you love them and are looking for the bundle for all year, just click here to take a look!