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Summer is calling and so is summer school! Before you hit the beach for some much-needed rest and relaxation, you have to work through those summer months or maybe you are returning to school in the high sun of August or September. Look no further for some really easy, cute teacher outfit ideas for elementary teachers in the summertime!


Of course one of our first go-tos are summer dresses. They are super easy to throw on with a pair of sandals or wedges or even some cute sneakers. Pockets are helpful. But in the summer, lighter material is better especially if you don’t have air conditioning in those schools! Eek! Take a look at some of the cute choices from Amazon that you could grab now for those long days of summer!

Dress Option 1-T-Shirt Dress! How much easier can it get to look cute for elementary teaching in the summer? Throw on a t-shirt dress, with pockets and some cute wedges and you are ready to conquer the day. Lightweight and versatile. You can easily add a long necklace or a cardigan if you do have that coveted air conditioning. Or just wear the short sleeves and look professional and ready for the day!

Sketchers make these cute wedge sandals that can literally go with anything. They are perfect for any elementary teacher in the summer! Here’s a link to the Sketchers on Amazon.

More Dresses

A few more dresses! Dresses are really so easy and look professional with ease! Any elementary teacher can go to school and transition into their afternoon seamlessly wearing one of these adorable summer dresses. Royal blue is a color that is always a classic. This adorable blue dress can be dressed up or down with some simple jewelry and shoes! Use those Sketcher sandals from the first look here or throw on some little white sneakers for an easy look. Grab the royal blue flowy dress here.

Polka dots are always in! This Midi dress comes down a little lower and there won’t be any worry about having to get on the rug with the elementary kiddos with this one. This cotton dress is super comfortable, has pockets, and comes in a ton of different patterns and colors. This is a great choice with some white sneakers and is dressed up with some earrings! Available here on Amazon!


Did someone say rompers? Rompers are such a great alternative to dresses with the built-in shorts, and ease of a one-piece outfit! With many variations of different rompers, they are the perfect outfit for elementary school teachers in the summer! They are lightweight, easy to wear, look good on most, and won’t overheat you in those hot summer classrooms.

There are casual rompers like the blue one seen here that are comfortable, and easy to wear. Grab it here!

Looking for a little more dressy, here’s the link to the cute print romper that is a perfect addition to your elementary teacher summer wardrobe!

Rompers that look like dresses? Yup, those are great for elementary school teachers too! Think, you look like youre wearing a dress without the hassle of wearing shorts underneath because the shorts are built in!  Here is a link to a really pretty pink one that comes in a variety of colors!

Kimonos or Cardigans

Kimonos or Cardigans? Summer is a range of temperatures, especially if you are coming in and out of air conditioning. Having an extra layer on hand can be helpful in temperature changes. But also if you dress a little more modestly at school. Wear the tank top, but throw a cute kimono or lightweight cardigan over it and you are cute, professional, and still rocking that summer look. Here is a link to some cute kimonos that would work for a ton of outfits.

Lightweight, long cardigans are the perfect addition to any outfit. They look good with dresses, shorts, and a T-shirt, or over a romper! Take a look at all of the colors available in this link to add this staple to your summer wardrobe.

Along with these staples, grab a few lace-lined tank tops here to throw on anytime with a pair of shorts or jeans for a quick outfit that never fails. You will be fully prepared for summer teaching with these outfits!

Elementary teachers in the summer need versatility, comfort, and the ability to stay cool! These cute teacher outfit ideas for elementary  teachers cover the bases for anyone looking to build a summer school teaching wardrobe or a back to school in the summer wardrobe! Let me know which outfits you try!