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Phonics is a huge stepping stone in learning how to read. Teaching phonics is essential for our young learners to understand how the alphabet morphs into different sounds in so many different ways. Making phonics fun will encourage our students to want to learn the sounds and patterns. Using strategies for phonics growth will build up our young readers and prepare them to further their reading abilities in later grades. Keep reading for some really exciting and fun ideas for teaching phonics and making it stick!

Memory Lock

Memory Lock is the perfect back-to-school activity or review game to review letters and sounds! It’s also great for intervention or just some fun review. This game is all about letter identification. Students study the letters, memorize them, and then they are asked to say what letter is missing on the next screen! Make it more challenging and work on letter sounds by having them say the letter and the sound it makes. Memory Lock is perfect for morning meetings, fun Fridays, or phonics instruction!

Doodle Challenges Word Work Edition

Doodle Challenges are the perfect opportunity to stretch our students’ thinking. Students will make connections between letters, digraphs, and blends to build new words. This will be the perfect opportunity to practice letter sounds, blends, and digraphs and the sounds they make. Then, students will really make it last in their brains by doodling a little image to go with each word they choose. Doodling allows students to retain the information in a positive way! Grab the Doodle Challenges Word Work Edition here!

Doodle Challenges CVC

Here are some more Doodle Challenges that pair perfectly with the Word Work Edition. Once students are accustomed to working with the doodle challenges, keep using them in another form! This time, the Doodle Challenges have students working on word families, specifically CVC words, using short a,e,i,o, and u sounds. This is a perfect and fun challenge for students to develop CVC words, practice letter sounds, and ensure they have a variety of words in their toolbox! Do some phonics and have fun with these Doodle Challenges! Grab them here!

Word Search Word Work Mega Bundle

What better way to work on phonics than with word searches? Kids love word searches and have so much fun searching for the words. Students will be searching for words with different vowels in CVC words and more! This is a growing bundle and any word work word search packs will be added to the future, so grab it now and watch it grow! This will be a ton of fun and really cool exposure to more words using the phonics sounds for students to recognize, read, and use in the future! Grab this one here!

Vowel Word Search

Are you looking for something a little more specific? Grab the vowel word searches separately and have students work on 22 different vowel word work word search puzzles! Each word search contains 12 words and is no prep! Grab this one, or grab the bundle!

Reading Strategies Posters

These posters and notebook pages are the perfect addition to your phonics activities! It is absolutely a must-have. The strategies on these posters are a fun addition to your phonics instruction and can be super helpful in adding to students’ reading toolboxes! Using this bundle to create phonics bulletin boards is amazing for students to reference. The small group independent practice activities included will also be helpful to students. Think word attack strategies that give confidence to young readers! Tackling those tough words in stories can be overwhelming and these strategies will for sure help in providing the help students need to be successful! Grab this set here!

Phonics activities can be fun and exciting for students. Ensuring students have a full toolbox and lots of exposure to phonics explicit instruction as well as independent practice is a recipe for success! Grab some of the activities to supplement your phonics instruction and make more readers today! Teaching phonics can be so much fun!