How many times have you been teaching a lesson when you noticed one of your students who seemed to be off in day dream land?  It’s been countless times for me.  I had one student who was always drawing instead of “working” on the assignment.  It didn’t matter if I was reading a novel or introducing a history lesson, she was always doodling away in her notebook.  Of course when I called on her to answer questions, she knew every detail!  That’s when I realized how art is a perfect tool to show comprehension, and it became a comprehension strategy I NEEDED to use in my classroom!

Art as a Comprehension Strategy

After learning from my one student that doodles can be very valuable to students! I decided I needed to implement them into my classroom. Although, it is not an effective strategy for every student. I have found many to most enjoy it and comprehend concepts a little easier than before! 

Stick Figures corn and ghost with pictures in each oneto Picasso

I’m sure you may have been in one of those fascinating faculty meetings where your Principal is droning on and on about the new tasks you will be required to do.  If you’re like me, sometimes I start sketching in my notebook.  I may look like I’m furiously taking notes but I’m really just drawing cubes, lines, or a stick figure of the speaker.  When I leave the meeting, I still know all the details from the meeting and I have some hilarious drawings of the boss! 

Before you say you’re not an art teacher, let me stop you.  I’m not an artist myself or an art teacher.  You don’t have to be.  Stick figures help with comprehension just as much as the masterpieces that can hang in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Doodle Mania= Comprehension Strategy

Doodling, sketching, drawing, or whatever you like to call it, will engage your students.  When you tell the group to take out crayons, colored pencils, or markers; they’ll think it’s free time!  They will gladly take notes on any subject when given the chance to be creative.

“I love taking tons of notes and copying sentences from the board,” said no child ever!  But when you show the kiddos a rainbow filled world where note taking is fun, you’ll be the most requested teacher in the school.


Instead of writing definitions and sentences to explain the water cycle, how about drawing a cute cloud, a smiling sun, and some bright blue rain drops!  This comprehension strategy will help the concept stick like peanut butter instead of going in one ear and out the other. 

My My You’re the Science Guy

Let’s be honest, how many teachers skimp on teaching subjects like Science and Social Studies because they’re getting their students ready for Math and Reading assessments.  Not only are they cheating their students, but they’re cheating themselves!  Those are the fun things to teach.

My bundle will give you lots of activities for the winter season.  You can use the Doodle Challenge in the classroom or with your digital classroom.  Students can print the doodle notes, color, and upload for your review.  For those tech savvy children, they have the option to download the Doodle Buddy app which enables them to use their phone or table to paint and complete. The cool thing is, students also LOVE completing digital riddles too!

So for your end of the year evaluation be sure to ask your Administration for a raise.  You’ll get kudos for being the Science, Art, and Technology teacher!    

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