Free, yes please! Looking to fill the time for your elementary school students in stations, reading time, math review or during free time? Let’s talk about educational websites! Elementary students are using computers more and more in the ever changing times we live in. Remote learning threw kindergartners into the world of 1:1 devices way faster than we ever have in the past. Some websites are incredibly valuable in encouraging learning, when on our devices! Keep reading to check out some of the best educational websites for elementary students! Use them in stations, or when students are done early or even for indoor recess!

PBS Kids

PBS is made for kids and is jam packed with a whole bunch of fun for students. Of course it has PBS shows including preschool shows like Daniel Tiger and Curious George to newer characters in elementary aged shows like Alma’s World and Design Squad, which features two real world engineers solving problems through engineering. There are tons of games featuring all of the wonderful characters in the shows. There is a huge list of game types including science, math, rhyming and even emotional health.

There are Spanish games, letter games, vocabulary games and social studies games. This website is truly easy to navigate and great for students in elementary school of all ages. PBS kids is an excellent choice to keep students educationally engaged while using technology.


Funbrian is another exceptional website that is educational and valuable for all elementary aged students. On the top banner, students can navigate by grade levels starting with Pre-K & K all the way up to 8th grade. There are videos, games, books to read, math games for all grades. Looking for an educational site for games for students during indoor recess? This is it. Students will ask for time on “Funbrain!”

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is an incredible website for all ages of students. This website not only allows students to practice different skills, but also has tutorial videos. Khan Academy follows Common Core standards and grade level bands match up to what students are learning in class. This could be a great supplemental resource for students to practice math or reading skills or get reinforcement or better yet, enrichment!

The site is comprehensive and helps students build mastery in specific learning standards. Khan Kids is also available as an app for students up to second grade.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids is so much fun. This website gives kids the opportunity to explore a bunch of fascinating topics and find out information about everything from animals to the Antarctic! There are quizzes students can take to see how much they know about specific topics, videos to watch on “Weird but True” facts, science experiments to try, and of course, lots of animals. There is even more to learn about with U.S. states, history and the “Passport to Space” that students can find under “Explore More.” Curious kids will love spending time diving into this website!


If you have students interested in learning or perfecting a second language, this website is great! Duolingo is easy to use with simple ways to learn 37 different languages! Students are naturally curious and this is an exciting way to introduce them to world languages. This also is great for students learning English! It is easy to change the language you speak to something other than English with a quick drop down. Hey, you could use it too!

Take some time and check out the great websites available for elementary students to grow their learning, play educational games, discover new ideas and even learn a new language! Technology is a huge part of a students’ life. Using these websites can make the use of technology more educational and informative! Everyone will be happy, students, teachers and parents, when using these educational websites!

I know sometimes your students just need to move and interact. That can be hard when social distancing is still a thing! I have a blog post with some great social distancing recess ideas!

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