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Before you know it, the gift-giving season will be in full swing. Don’t forget the special teachers in your life! You know they are dedicated to their students and you want to show them some love and gratitude. Give them the things they will want and need! I’m not talking about another paper weight or pen. I’m talking about one-of-kind gifts that they will find special. What are these gift ideas you say? Get your gift giving list ready with these top teacher gift ideas for this year!

Teacher Gift Ideas for A Little R & R

Teachers put in a lot of hours between planning, grading, prepping and of course, teaching. They deserve a little rest and relaxation.  Give them a gift that says, “I see you working hard, you deserve a break.” Check out these awesome teacher gift ideas that will let them indulge a little.

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 Gift Cards

Gift cards can be a thoughtful gift, especially if they can use them at a place teachers love. They can give teachers a fun diversion. It can give them a night off from cooking. It can give them a gift of indulgence. Check out these gift-card ideas:

🎄Favorite restaurant you know they love
🎄Movie tickets

🎄Coffee shop for some gourmet treats|
🎄Store where they love to shop for themselves or for the classroom

 Self-Care Kits

Kits are a fun idea to give teachers. You can customize it to the teacher’s needs and the items in the kit will go to good use too! 
 Here are some gift kit ideas:
🎄Winter survival kit: a basket with tissue packs, cough drops, Chapstick, hand lotion, hot chocolate, tea or coffee packets, warm socks, and a mug.
🎄Energy self-care kit: a small bin with coffee beans or coffee shop gift card, protein energy bars, mint gum packs, energizing aromatherapy candle, or lotion.
🎄Brain Break kit: a decorative box with an adult coloring book or pages with fine tip markers, journal, and pens, crossword or sudoku book, a gift card to a bookstore.
🎄Emergency Candy kit: some sweet treats to give them a bit of an energy boost. Check out the gift tags here. Grab the containers here!

a clear box with candy labeled teacher emergency supply for a teacher gift

 Positive Mindset Teacher Gift

Teaching can be stressful and teachers need encouragement each day. Give them the gift of keeping a positive attitude with these ideas:
🎄Positive affirmation card set
🎄Desk calendar with positive thinking quotes
🎄Growth mindset journal

Teacher Gift Ideas for The Classroom

Teachers use a lot of their own resources to run their classes. Give their pocketbook a break and gift things for the classroom. These gifts say, “You do so much for the classroom, let me contribute to you!” Teachers will appreciate having someone else take care of something they need and the entire class will benefit from these gifts, too.

 Books for The Classroom Library

Teachers are always looking for books to keep their library fresh and interesting. Consider getting a few books on your teacher’s wish list. Or get a gift card from a bookstore and let the teacher select their own books. Another idea to consider is ordering books from the school’s book order program like Scholastic book orders. Usually, a percentage of the book orders get donated to the class as well.

classroom library with lettered book bins

 Replenishing Classroom Supplies

Halfway through the year, the classroom may need a refill on classroom supplies. This practical gift is very welcome. Whether it’s supplies like markers, or glue, or disinfectant wipes, and paper towels, teachers always appreciate getting things for the classroom they don’t have to buy themselves. 

Perhaps there is a specific item your teacher has been wanting for the classroom. A bigger ticket item for the classroom is a much-loved idea. They are the “would like to have” items. Check with your teacher about items on their wish list and surprise them with a special gift!

Teacher Gift of Volunteering

Lighten a teacher’s workload by volunteering your time in the classroom. Teachers appreciate any extra help they can get. Volunteering doesn’t have to involve going into the classroom either. There are projects you can do at home, like stuffing envelopes, cutting things out, or assembling something for a classroom project.

For classroom ideas, you can volunteer to decorate a bulletin board, stuff folders, make copies, and, of course, work with students. Some awesome activities teachers often need help with our end of the year theme days like Glow Day

Show your kiddo’s teachers how great they are with thoughtful and useful gifts! These are the most thoughtful gift ideas for this year and anyone would love to receive them.

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