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Feeling proud of accomplishments is so important for our young learners. Instilling a sense of pride in our students about their successes is a huge piece of this growth puzzle! Our little scholars need to feel like they have accomplished great growth within a school year, and what better way than with a fun craftivity! The Smart Cookie Craftivity is perfect for celebrating success at the end of the year or any time of year! Use it more than once during the school year as a reminder for students that success happens all year long! The Smart Cookie Craft is inspired by the best-selling book, The Smart Cookie by Jory John. Kids will write about something that makes them feel like one smart cookie! Grab your copy here and keep reading for more details!

The Reflection Piece

The Smart Cookie Craftivity is this super fun concept that allows kids to not only celebrate successes but also do a little reflecting and writing about what they have done. Reflection is huge for our students. Kids who take the time to reflect actually continue to be successful.  Students can repeat the process to success again and again. It can also help students remember a time when they may have needed to adjust their thinking, and how the outcome may have taken longer, but success was the end result. Smart Cookie thinking is critical thinking. Students are taking a step back to really reflect on what went well, what they did to improve, how much they grew, and how to move forward with success in the future. This little craft packs a powerful punch for our students! Don’t miss out!

What’s Included?

The Smart Cookie Craft includes all the craft parts you need for students to cut and color. You could also print on colored paper for students too! Of course, there are also writing templates with different line variations to assist students at different levels. Also included are templates with blank spaces and no lines for our students who may need to just draw a picture as a prewriting step! Smart Cookie is perfect for all ages and levels!

Even More!

When the year is coming to an end, or it is time to take a step back and reflect during the year, it is so important to bring kids along on that journey. Giving students ownership of the craft, along with the writing, and being able to see their work displayed in the hallway or even on their fridge at home is hugely powerful for our students. Let’s be honest, elementary students don’t understand their report cards! They absolutely will understand that they are smart cookies, though! Taking this valuable step with students is important to their self-esteem and encourages their desire to continue learning. Don’t forget. They also get to personalize their cookies! Not one cookie will be the same, from bow ties to hair bows to fully green cookies or all pink! All of the cookies will reflect individual personalities too!

If you are looking for something special to end the year with, or something mid-year to remind students why they are so valued, this is such a great opportunity. It really works with all ages and levels and students will have so much fun creating their cookies. Maybe bring a few real cookies in to share for a snack too! Make this a really valuable learning experience and an unforgettable one too! If you really enjoy this craft, take a look at the bundle of crafts that Smart Cookie is available in and have  crafts for the whole year! The Smart Cookie Craftivity is a must-have! Grab it here now!

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