Teaching is tough. Did you know that laughing about memes is actually a way of coping with stress? Yup, you heard that right, those silly memes we giggle and share in the faculty lunchroom are actually pulling that stress level right down! What better way to spend a little bit of time than laughing at the best teaching memes out there! Take a look at lowering those stress levels with me today. Laugh at a few relatable, totally understandable, humorous, memes us teachers totally understand. If you know you know. Here are some great teacher memes for your next boring staff meeting to bring the laughter!

My Favorite Teacher Memes!

Teacher Memes Favorite Number 1:

Up first is a classic. You assign the big project, spend a week on making it a bulletin board perfect project (you know your class’s board is going to rank the best this month) and student work is less than stellar. If you are a teacher, this one is relatable. We’ve all been there!

Number 2:

At the end of the year the students say a tearful goodbye and everyone acts like they will never see each other again. But then the next school year rolls in and all of a sudden you become a celebrity to the old third graders. They roll up to your classroom window while at recess. You know it feels good to see their smiling faces again. But don’t let on that you have a soft side just yet!

Teacher Memes Favorite Number 3: 

Another one that people in other careers don’t necessarily understand is how many decisions a day go through a teacher’s mind. This meme is the perfect analogy for a typical day in the life of a teacher. This is a good one to giggle at and definitely helps with coping when you really feel like everything is truly on fire!

Number 4: 

Oh yes, the feeling of needing to turn my brain off and sleep. But everything is still on FIRE! You need to remember that important parent meeting tomorrow. The administrative walk through, the peanut allergy, new seats, apple orchard permission slips. Oh yea, don’t forget to use the bathroom tomorrow. This is another teacher meme that is just so incredibly relatable!. 

Teacher Memes Favorite Number 5: 

Oh, that crumpled paper belongs to Jeffs. That paper with no name is definitely Sammy’s paper. That one belongs to Rebecca. You know you have the handwriting down by the end of the first day! Interestingly enough, I think FBI agents and teachers have a tremendous amount in common. Just in case you were looking for a career change? Next time your principal comes to you asking which one of your students wrote poop on the cafeteria table, just remember this one!

Number 6:

Are you one of those lucky teachers with no dress code? If you are, good for you, but for the rest of us earning those free jeans day passes is worth the chance of running into Pennywise. It would be everything to get a few days of jean wearing and give myself a break from the ever growing laundry pile! Maybe posting this in the principal’s office would be enough?

Teacher Memes Favorite Number 7: 

This teacher meme is one of my favorite memes because it totally sums up the school year just so well. September is always such a positive time. You are refreshed from summer, ready to take on the challenges of the year and then there’s June. What can I say about June, other than we survived?

Number 8: 

A little classroom management humor to share too! We all know that challenging student or those challenging classes that you fear will be added to your roster, but now just think of them as “happy little classroom challenges” instead! Maybe this will ease the pain of seeing particular names on your new class rosters! I have pages of products to make your classroom run a little smoother. You can take a look here

Teacher Memes Favorite Number 9: 

Remember that discussion about being stressed? Teaching has to be one of the top stressful jobs with all of the responsibilities, and little minds to mold, on top of all the rest of the nonsense that is thrown on your plate. This teacher meme is completely on point for how it feels to be teacher stressed!

Number 10: 

We have to end on a positive meme! Of course teaching is stressful and looking at memes and laughing makes it slightly easier when we relate to others, but remember how important your job is to this world. You really are teaching kids how to live a successful life in the future and without the molding that happens each and every year of school, this wouldn’t be the case.

Funny, Funny, Teacher Memes

Sip that morning coffee, grab your fourteen bags of supplies and go teach little minds! Come back here for a little midday coping and a giggle, and remember we are all in this together! Drop me a comment with your favorite teaching memes, and let’s commiserate together! Teacher memes are meant to help you cope and laugh a little because teaching is everything under the sun, but it really is a rewarding career! These top 10 teacher memes made me laugh, and I hope you do too!

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