Did someone say summer break? Teachers everywhere just perked their ears up! Summer vacation is for relaxing, recharging, and taking some time to just breathe, (and use the bathroom freely!) I know it is in your nature to want to plan for next September, cut out bulletin board letters, and get those Get to Know You Surveys perfected, but before all that, take some much needed R&R. Yes, that is right, let’s talk about some ways teachers can RELAX this summer! Here are some teacher relaxation tips for ya! 

Teacher Relaxation Tips

Yes, we are always told to take some time for self care, but that often doesn’t happen until the summer!  Here are some teacher relaxation tips. 

Tip #1: Did someone say sleep in late?

Yes, yes, yes. Turn that alarm clock off, and get those much-needed zzzzzs. Stay up a little later and binge that Netflix series you’ve been falling asleep on all school year! It is your time to sleep in until well after that sun rises! Don’t just sleep late, take a midday nap too! You deserve it!

Tip #2: Bathroom Breaks

So you are Netflix binging and staying up late, don’t forget to use the bathroom whenever you want! This one is sort of a joke, but really…your bladder will thank you! There is no need to only use the restroom three times a day at appointed times in between making copies, picking up your class, and shoving a sandwich down your throat! Just realizing that you don’t have to use the bathroom on a schedule is enough to take your anxiety level down a few notches.

Tip #3: Pajamas all day! 

Yes, I said it. Pajamas are now your staple wardrobe. No need to get dressed; it is a summer of relaxation. Blast your air conditioner and wear those flannels if you want to! Wear cute shorts and a tank and hair in a bun and complete some coloring pages. You are relaxing this summer! 

Tip #4: Did someone say massage?

Splurge and go to the spa! You’ve been molding little minds for 10 months. Aren’t you ready for someone to spoil you a bit too? Go get that massage, facial, pedicure, or whatever it is that makes you feel special and of course, relaxed!

Tip #5: Read a book!

I’m not talking about books for read alouds. No Judy Blume here! Jump into some adult reading. Grab a thriller, or a mystery, romantic comedy, or something a bit more risque. It doesn’t matter what you choose, just go for the one you want to read, not the book that would work best for a group of students! Remember this is about you relaxing and unwinding!

Tip #6: Friends? Did someone mention friends?

Yup, go have that coffee date with your college roommate, or book a bed and breakfast to catch up with your non-teacher bestie! Laugh till you can’t breathe and take some time to relive your favorite moments pre-teaching. You will feel lighter and more human taking the time to relax with friends you haven’t seen since September.

Tip #7: Get Outside!

Take that hike or sit in your backyard and absorb that vitamin D from the sun. Bring a friend or your family or do it alone. Take the time to explore nature, take that trail you’ve been meaning to check out, or take a breath in your own backyard. Remember it is time to recharge!

Tip #8: Yoga? Goat yoga? Meditation?

Have you been thinking about centering yourself to find some zen? What better time than now to build a new habit like yoga. See you if you can find a goat yoga class! Can’t get to a yoga class? There are tons of free meditations on YouTube that you can easily check out to really bring yourself back in September, as a more zen person.

Tip #9: Take the Trip!

Have you been considering flying cross country to see your brother, cousin, old neighbor, or friend? Do it! A trip can be so much fun. Go explore. Enjoy the time you have in the summer to catch up on all of the activities, sights, and people you have been missing out on during the school year.

Tip #10: Breathe. Reflect. Recharge.

Remember how much you do during the school year and take some time to reflect on your year. Really take some time and decompress from the year, learn from last year, leave the negative behind, and make some goals for the future. Good or bad, the school year is over, and it is time to reflect, learn, and build a better next year. Give yourself some grace and take this summer to relax!

10 Teacher Relaxation Tips 

So let’s run through the 10 teacher relaxation tips one more time in case you may have forgotten one! This is totally understandable because teachers are pulled in so many directions we are lucky we remember how to spell out our own names. 

  1. Sleep in late
  2. Bathroom breaks
  3. Pajamas ALL DAY
  4. Massages 
  5. Read a book
  6. Hang with friends
  7. Go outside
  8. Yoga/Meditation
  9. Take a trip
  10. Breathe. Reflect. Recharge

These are just 10 teacher relaxation tips, there are probably a ton more I didn’t even think of, so don’t feel like you can stray from this list. Maybe jumping out of an airplane is relaxing to you!? Do you boo! 

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