Woo hoo! Summer is calling. Beaches, sunshine, and lots of fresh watermelons! How do you plan on ending your school year? Looking for a low-prep craft to celebrate the end of the school year or to kick off summer?  A watermelon craft is all about the kids and their summer plans! Watermelon crafts are perfect for finishing out the year strong and discussing those fun summer plans! Ready to use them today, grab them here! Want a little bit more, read on!

Watermelon Craft Details!

This craft is so simple and all you need to do is grab the craft today. Included are the watermelon craft parts that can be printed on colored paper for a quick turn around.  Another option is that kids can color them if you have a little more time! The watermelon craft is perfect for one more writing sample to show that growth at the end of the year too! Students will answer the prompt, “Water Your Summer Plans?” Of course, the writing templates are included and they are differentiated with different line variations for all learners! Some templates have a blank space for a picture or no lines provided too.

Not convinced yet?

Read this review to know that you need to get this craft today! Brandi G. gave this resource 5 out of 5 stars and said, “This resource is the cutest! The watermelons were loved by my kiddos. I will be doing this every year!” Reviews like this are amazing and are so helpful to others looking for some insight into what works in the classroom! Don’t take it from me, take it from the reviews! Jay T. also was extremely satisfied and said, “These were the ideal activities for the end of the year writing and craft activities!  Students had fun and they looked great in a bulletin board display!”

Watermelons, Watermelons, Everywhere!

Watermelons are definitely a powerful fruit for the summer; full of vitamins and lots of health benefits. This watermelon craft is also full of benefits. Kids will be reflecting on the year and making big plans for the summer. Before the kiddos head off to the next grade, it will be a fun project to share their exciting summer plans and you can check in with them next year when they have moved on to the next grade! This is also a perfect opportunity for one last writing prompt to show growth in writing and finalize the report card comments! Send this one home to families to share the incredible year students have had with you!

Making Plans!

Summer can be a bit overwhelming to students as they travel into months without strict structure and it may feel a bit intimidating to some of our littles. By making plans for the summer and thinking about everything they want to do while home for the summer, students will be more excited about the prospects of summer and how much fun they are going to have!

Summer is calling and low prep is so beneficial at this time of year! It’s time to take those last few steps toward summer with an easy, low-prep craft that kids will love doing with the watermelon craft and writing task. Make sure to grab your copy today and use it at the end of every school year to celebrate the beginning of summer and the new experiences to come! You can get a copy here!

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