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Looking for social distancing indoor recess games inspo? Look no further!

Covid has changed the look of recess in schools all over. When it comes to indoor recess it’s easy to tell your students to stay in their seats and do things like read a book or draw a picture. That can be boring for kids! I’ve got some great indoor social distancing recess activities for you that are fun and easy.

Kids need a break from regular school activities and need to get up and move. With a little planning you can have a covid friendly recess that’s fun. 

You’ll find indoor social distancing activities that give your students a break. You’ll also get social distancing indoor recess games that let your students be active.

Indoor Social Distancing Activities

For the times your students need a breather and have a social distancing indoor recess on the schedule check out these indoor recess ideas!


Indoor Social Distancing Activity:  What’s Different

This game can easily be done from student’s desks, that will keep them socially distant.

To play, select one student to come up to the front of the room and instruct the rest of the class to take note of their appearance.  Prompt students to notice the details of their outfit, hair style, or accessories.

Then tell the students to close their eyes.  Secretly the student at the front of the class needs to change something about their appearance.  It can be something small like roll up one sleeve, untuck a shirt, untie a shoe, or take out a hair clip.

When the student changed something about themselves, announce to the rest of the class to open their eyes.  Then instruct them to guess what’s different.  Rotate students to play as many rounds as you wish.


indoor social distancing activity

Indoor Social Distancing Activity:  Paper Airplane Races

This social distancing indoor recess activity is great for budding engineers. 

To start this activity have students fold a piece of paper into a paper airplane.  You can show them different examples so they have a choice of how to make one.  Students can decorate their paper airplanes too, to add some flair!

Then mark a starting line on the floor.  Have students come up 2 at a time to stand at the starting line while the rest of the students remain socially distanced in their seats. 

Have students throw their airplanes to see which ones go the furthest.  The paper airplane that wins makes it to the next round.  After all students had a chance to fly their airplanes, begin the 2nd round with the winners of the first round participating.  Continue adding rounds until you get to one winner

Social Distancing Indoor Recess Games

When you think of indoor recess games you might not think of things that get kids active.  There are plenty of indoor games that allow for social distancing!

Get your students up and moving with these social distancing indoor recess games!

Social Distancing Indoor Recess Games:  The Floor Is Lava

This Covid friendly recess idea will get your class up and hopping!  To set up this indoor recess game you’ll need to mark out safe zones on the floor throughout the classroom.  You could use carpet squares or make boxes with painters tape.  Make sure there are enough safe zones for one per child.

To play the game, select one person to announce the floor is lava.  Kids have 5-10 seconds to move from their spot and get to a safe area.  Make sure students follow the “only 1 student per safe zone rule.”  Whoever doesn’t get to a safe zone in time is out.

To mix things up you can throw in extra requirements to get to the safe zone like hop on one foot, walk backwards, or crab walk.  You can also add extra exercise like having everyone do jumping jacks or pushups in their safe zone before moving on to another round.

Social Distancing Indoor Recess Games:  Simon Says Yoga

Like regular Simon Says but use yoga poses instead, this indoor socially distancing game will add fun to your Covid friendly indoor recess.

Set the game up like you would Simon Says by selecting one student to lead the activity while the rest of the class stays by their seats (they can do the poses on the floor near their desks.)  

3 kids doing yoga

To help the leader come up with yoga poses you can write names of the poses on cards.  Have the leader call out the poses until someone flubs with “Simon Says” then switch to another student to lead the activity.

Social Distancing Indoor Recess Games: Beat The Clock

Nothing like a little competition to motivate kids to move faster and stronger.  For this socially distance indoor recess game students compete against the clock.

Preselect several exercises kids can do in place like jumping jacks, squats, sit ups, burpees, lunges and mountain climbers.   Then time each exercise for 30-60 seconds and have students count how many they can do in that time. 

For the next round instruct your class to try to beat the clock and get in more reps in the allotted time.  Cheer your students on to work hard, try their best and beat the clock!

It is possible to have a safe and social distance indoor recess!  Give your students a much needed break and work out the wiggles with these covid indoor recess ideas.

If you are looking for some ways to still use collaboration in your classroom, even with social distancing. Check out my blog post for some great ideas! 

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