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Sipping hot cocoa on a snowy day and watching the snowflakes fall from your window is so peaceful, but then you remember you’re the teacher and need to go to school! Bring that sense of calm and fun to your winter bulletin boards with some new, fresh ideas for you and the kiddos. Winter Bulletin Boards will bring that fun winter energy into your classroom and keep everyone excited and engaged, even when the snow is falling! Keep reading for some really fun ideas for Winter Bulletin Boards to use today!

Winter Bulletin Boards: Winter Fun!

First up is the Snowman Craft and Bulletin Board! Who doesn’t love a good snowman? Kids love them, adults love them, and they are so cute and fun! This Snowman Craft and Bulletin Board activity has it all to create the perfect winter bulletin board! This kit is full of options. There is how-to writing, story writing, and more! Use some of the fun writing prompts like “Snowman Advice’, “Snowman Stories,” “There once was a Snowman…,” “How to Build a Snowman,, and “How to NOT melt a Snowman” to make this one even more fun! Or use it as an adorable stand-alone craft and bulletin board too! Included are all of the snowman craft parts and the writing templates with 3 different handwriting line options for each. Grab this one here!

Next up is the perfect, fun winter bulletin board activity using mittens! These mittens are going to be the best way to keep kids excited and engaged, and you will have the perfect winter decor for your door or bulletin board. The Mitten Craftivity is such a small amount of prep, and student smiles will be so worth it! Included are all of the mitten craft parts, a bulletin board letter, “We are Smitten for Winter!” There are even some snowflake accents to add to the board! Along with all of this are the writing templates, “I am Smitten about Winter!” in 3 different handwriting line choices. You can also fit the writing prompt on the back of your mittens or just use the mittens as a stand-alone craft! These options make this winter bulletin board easy and fun! Grab the Mittens here!

Winter Bulletin Boards: Holiday-Specific Ideas

Next up is Merry And Bright Craftivity and Bulletin Board! This one is a must-have. This bulletin board is perfect all winter long and is so bright and cheery to keep everyone excited about learning! This bulletin board craft has all of the craft templates for the colorful light bulbs, writing templates with multiple handwriting line choices, and bulletin board lettering for “Our Class is Merry & Bright.” Show how bright and merry your class is with this fun bulletin board. Grab Merry and Bright Craftivity and Bulletin Board here.

Are your students excited about Santa? This is the perfect combination of adorable sharks and Santa all in one. Students will think this one is so cool that they won’t be able to resist participating in Santa Jaws! Included are all of the Santa Jaws craft parts for a boy and a girl version. Kids can color, or you can always print onto colored paper! Santa Jaws also includes the banner lettering, all of the bulletin board graphics, and, of course, the writing templates. Students can write to Santa Jaws to make a list of what they want for Christmas. There are options for handwriting lines available too! Grab this super unique Santa Jaws bulletin board here.

Winter Bulletin Board: New Year’s Activities

How about some New Year-themed bulletin boards? Here are two awesome options available to keep that winter theme going in a super fun way! These are both perfect for goal setting and a growth mindset as we enter the beginning of a new year! 

We are “Yeti” for the New Year incorporates an adorable Yeti Craft that will keep the kids laughing along the way! Included are all of the Yeti craft parts, a link to an intro video that connects to the theme, and of course the writing templates with handwriting options available too! Grab “Yet” for the New Year here!

The New Year’s Craftivity is perfect for returning from winter break! The party blower crafts are going to be so much fun and all of the craft parts are included along with the bulletin board letters #GOALS and #2024 GOALS! There are also mazes, New Year’s Making Words, Headband Project Toppers, a coloring page, and My Top Nine Template for recording all of those goals! The writing templates have a bunch of options available too! New Year’s Craftivity is available here!

Winter Bulletin Board: Penguin Research

One more option is so much fun because it combines penguin research with an adorable craft! Make animal research a bit more hands-on with this fun and engaging penguin craft and research project. This will be the perfect addition to your winter bulletin boards, and students will love researching about penguins and waddling around the room to check out their classmates’ work! Included are all of the penguin craft parts and the easy-to-follow research writing page! Grab yours here now!

If you are looking for even more winter-themed bulletin boards, you have to check out this bundle to keep the ideas flowing all winter! In this bundle, there are some bulletin board ideas, Decem-BEAR theme Day, Snowman Breakfast, and more fun with animals like sloths, polar bears, and penguins! If you know your kids love the “Yeti” idea, there is a friendship-themed Yeti board here, too! Grab this bundle and save a little here!

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Winter blues don’t need to be so sad. Turn those frowns upside down by making winter fun with all of these cool winter bulletin board ideas! I can’t wait to see which ones you use and how much fun your students have with Winter Bulletin Boards!


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