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Wintertime is the perfect time to read. With the cold and snow blowing outside, we can stay cozy inside with a good book. Why not make winter a bit more magical with winter themed stories? Get your students excited to read with these 5 must read winter read alouds! These heartfelt stories will warm your kiddo’s hearts during read aloud time and pique their interest in picking up the books to read for themselves. Cozy up with this list of great winter read alouds!

The Mitten By Jan Brett

This classic is a very charming book for young readers.  Author Jan Brett knits a whimsical storyline with a lost mitten and woodland creatures. 

The Mitten starts with Nicki losing his white mitten in the snow. Soon after, a chilly critter finds the mitten and crawls inside.  Then more furry friends join in to keep warm on a cold winter’s day. 

As the story progresses, children are entertained to see how many animals can fit inside the mitten and how far the mitten will stretch. The illustrations add another layer of magic as scenes of Nicki looking for his mitten border the pages.

Baking Day At Grandma’s
 By Anika Denise

Staying in to bake on a snowy day go hand and hand.  Baking Day At Grandma’s brings this favorite past-time to life!  Author Anika Denise gets readers toes tapping with this fun rhyming story that is fun to read over and over again.

Three friendly bears head out over the snow to Grandma’s house for a day of baking. Step by step, Grandma and the bears bake up yummy treats. As they bake, they make memories too. The love and warmth Grandma has for her little bears will warm any heart on a chilly day.

Lemonade In Winter
By Emily Jenkins

Sometimes doing summery things is the best way to beat a winter’s chill.  Emily Jenkins captures this idea so well in Lemonade In Winter.

 Other lessons are also woven into the story! Readers will learn things like simple math, money handling, entrepreneurship, and teamwork.

 The brother and sister team work together to sell lemonade in winter. The sweet rhymes add an element of fun too.

First Snow By Bomi Park

The first snow of the season is a much expected event for kids.  Bomi Park captures that excitement in her book First Snow.

In a dream-like wonder, a little girl sets out on the first snowfall and does what most kids do, make a snowball.

Then the adventure begins as the girl continues to roll her snowball along.  Kids will love to listen to see where the snowball takes the girl and her puppy and what the snowball becomes. The illustrations add to the magic of the first snow too!

Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter
By Eugenie Doyle

When kids think of farms they probably think of animals out in a pasture, farmers planting crops and plants growing green and tall.  What’s farm life like in the winter when things don’t grow?  What do farmers do in the winter? 

Show your students what farm life is like in the winter with this enlightening read aloud, Sleep Tight Farm: A Farm Prepares for Winter

Author Eugenie Doyle takes readers on a tour of farm life through the season teaching kids that each season has a purpose.  Farms are busy and winter brings a season of rest. Along the way, kids will gain an appreciation for all the things farms provide for all of us all year long. This is an outstanding book to include on your Farm Day!

Check out one or all of these winter-themed stories! They are perfect for your next read aloud and to make a part of your classroom library.

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