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Have you been looking for a collection of writing templates that cover it all from centers, to writing workshop, to whole group instruction? You’ve come to the right place because my Writing Paper Mega Pack has 70 templates included with multiple styles and types. This is a must-have for any primary teacher. Just imagine having all of the templates in one folder ready to go for any activity! The convenience and possibilities of owning this pack are just beyond anything else! You have to grab yours here today!

What’s Included?

The pack contains over 70 writing paper templates! Some of the writing templates have picture spaces, and some don’t! The templates cover multiple levels and age groups and are perfect for differentiation within your classroom. There are both landscape and vertical styles available in the pack. Of course, there is traditional writing paper style, but also some fun, creative templates to get your kids really excited about their writing!


Why Templates?

Are you wondering why templates are so useful to our kiddos when they are writing? Writing is a skill that has to be explicitly taught and learned. Writing develops over time and can improve drastically with practice and time. Using templates gives students the scaffolding they need to be successful with writing and are so useful to all students no matter the level they are writing at. Using a writing scaffold helps build that confidence for when the scaffold may be changed or even taken away completely.



Templates also help students with handwriting and help them understand the flow of words within lines. It makes it easier for their words to flow across the page and easier for the reader to follow the words. Using templates actually allows students to free their brains from thinking about spacing, lines, and left-to-right and just focus on the ideas and words they are writing!

Picture spaces are also crucial for beginning writers as this is our first step for our pre-writers and also a great space for developing ideas for writing! Pictures help with the planning and the details of writing for young students. If you teach multiple grade levels or have students at a range of abilities in writing, you definitely need this pack of templates to make your planning much simpler!


Get Creative

Students love options! When students are working on journaling or research or personal narrative or even just doing creative writing, students can choose from a few templates in their writing folders! Students can create newspaper articles with a template or write in columns with another. Students can even write chapters for their book that they are publishing with one of the templates! Some of the templates lend themselves to writing poetry or creating a sequence of events.

Also included are some graph paper types of templates and a dot-to-dot template for some other types of fun! The lines range from beginner lines to loose-leaf paper. The options are endless and exciting. Every elementary teacher needs this set!

Writing is such an intricate part of teaching elementary school. Writing crosses through each subject in the curriculum and is so essential to students growing through school. Beginning writing is so important. Take some of the stress of planning off your plate, grab this writing paper mega pack, and always have the template you need right when you need it! Grab yours here today!