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Writing is so critical for student growth! Finding writing ideas that make a difference in students’ ability to get their thoughts on paper is what makes that growth happen! Writing can be a challenge for some individuals, but by giving various options and all different writing prompts, writing instruction can be easy! Use these 10 writing prompt ideas today to make your writing lessons pop!

10 Writing Prompt Ideas For All Students

Writing is not always a child’s favorite, and teachers do not always love teaching it either. But I found that when I gave my students fun engaging writing prompts, they really took off and absolutely loved when our writing block came around!

National Holidays Writing Activities

We all love a good national holiday like National Cheese Pizza Day or National Pancake Day! Get the kids excited about all of the National Holidays with a little bit of writing! These writing prompts are so great for quick writes or something longer! Include the holiday in Morning Meeting each day and have students write all about it! I have a huge bundle ready for you to use here!

Early Finishers Writing Activities!

These are a perfect bundle for your early finishers or even morning work! There are 7 different options, making this an awesome addition to your writing repertoire! The writing prompt examples include: write the story, make a list, handwriting using fun facts, would your rather questions, labeling, picture prompts, and one of the student’s favorites-notes and doodles. These are perfect for quick writing and fun! Check out the bundle and grab it here right now!

Opinion Writing

Something students love to write about is their opinions! Let them write about their favorites and encourage them to be creative with what they love! This will ensure some really fun writing. I love using the this Burger Craft opinion writing project where students create the best burger ever! Will it have rainbow cheese? Sprinkles as seeds? Chocolate sauce? A graphic organizer is included and the kids can do a formal writing piece while having so much fun! Take a look at the Burger Writing Craft here!

All About…

Write all about bats, brown bears, or bumblebees! Sloths, turkeys, penguins and polar bears too! Let students do some exploring and discover some cool facts about different animals! Students will listen to facts, watch a video and then ultimately write all about the animal! Better yet, they come with a lesson plan for easy use! Check out the bats here and scroll down for the rest!

Sight Word and Rainbow Writing

Looking for something for the younger students? This sight word scramble is a great tool to use right away! Students unscramble sight words, recognizing and spelling them correctly and then rainbow write them with different colors for even more practice. This is perfect for centers or morning work or even homework. Use it today!

Would You Rather…?

Another great way to get students thinking and writing is by asking would you rather questions.These are great for quick writes too! It is just an incredible way to explore ideas and have something really interesting to write about! An example is would you rather hang out with Cookie Monster or Captain Crunch? Me, I would choose Cookie Monster! He is always so happy! Looking for the resource ready to use today? Here it is!

How to Writing

A really fun writing genre is how-to writing! Children love explaining the steps of a process and it is really great for understanding sequence too. Combine how to writing with a craft lke “How to Stay Toasty” combined with the Snowman Toaster Craft and all the kids will be writing to get to the craft part! Here is the link to use today!

Writing Cards

Why not have students create cards? You can write someone a card for a holiday, birthday, thank you card, or just a hello! One of my favorites is writing for Valentine’s Day though! Kids just love to love! I have some adorable Valentine’s Day writing and paper packs to use today for no prep! It includes 45 writing pages and DIY card templates! It is so much fun so grab yours here today!

Writing Celebrations

Why not have a day to celebrate writing? Choose a theme like silly socks and have kids wear some silly socks, draw some silly socks, and write about silly socks!  This is such a cool writing prompt! Get silly and creative and most of all get those students writing! Better yet, I have a FREEBIE for you to celebrate silly sock writing. Enjoy it here and have fun!

Scene Creations

If you are anything like me, you are hitting up the Target Dollar Spot often! Next time you are there look for the magnetic scenes to use in a writing center and to help develop some writing prompt ideas! Kids have so much fun creating a scene with the magnets, then they can write about it! Of course there can be variations on creating the scenes if you can’t get the magnet kits; you can use regular animal magnets or others. Better yet, I have some free story templates for you to use to get those scenes turned into words! Grab the FREEBIE now!

Now that you are full of writing prompts, get those kiddos writing today! These writing activities are fun and will have your students wanting to do more! If you are looking for even more writing ideas, check out these other blogs, 5 Easy Ways to Improve Writing Instruction, Why Writers Workshop? and Spring Writing Prompts! Enjoy the 10 writing ideas you can use today and I can’t wait to hear how it goes!