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Who doesn’t love a great writing prompt? Creative? Expository? How-to? Themed? We’ve got them all covered! Beginners are writers, too, and what better way to empower young writers than with some really exciting prompts! Kids will be writing and won’t even realize they are writing with these 15 writing prompts for beginners!

15 Writing Prompts For Beginners

As a primary teacher, I often work with students who are real beginners when it comes to writing. I have to often come up with innovative and new ways to get students excited to try new writing techniques and ideas. If you know me you know, I LOVE crafts, and these writing prompts for beginners often have some cute and fun crafts included! 

Let’s start with a full day of activities that encompass a really cool writing activity! Teddy Bear Day is a whole day event, but within this tremendous day, our beginner writers will be so motivated! They will write about their bears and conduct bear interviews! This is a must with our youngest writers!

Goal setting is huge in the New Year, so use it as a prompt! This is an awesome New Year’s craft that includes an easy-to-use template and multiple writing options! It can also make a pretty amazing bulletin board too!

Thank you cards are a perfect prompt for beginning writers! These are great cards for grandparents’ day, Father’s day, birthdays, student-teacher goodbye gifts, Mother’s Day, teacher appreciation, and more! The possibilities are really endless! This thank you card craft includes an easy-to-use template and multiple writing options.

What do your students “apple-solutely” love to do in the fall? Here’s another great writing prompt with a writing craft attached! Get those kids sharing fun fall activities! Need a little more? Check out this great review from Jaymie M, “I LOVE the crafts that Amanda has! My students love doing them and the writing that goes along. I hang them in the hall and get compliments on them all of the time!”

Another really fun writing craft is the pumpkin craftivity! Use the writing prompt, “I am so “PUMPED” for the Fall!” Students will certainly have a blast with this one too! It also includes 2 different writing templates!

Individually Unique, Together Complete is the prompt for this one! Autism awareness is so important and a great time to encourage inclusion and awareness with this writing prompt and craft! Students, teachers, parents, and principals will really love seeing this one!

Here’s a great one for spring and connects to the very popular book, The Good Egg. This product is meant to have the kids reflect on what makes them a “good egg” or “egg-cellent” to themselves and others around them.

Reading Response Journal Prompts

Now here are some prompts that make it easy for kids to show their comprehension and for you not to recreate the wheel! In this set of journal prompts, there are 6 sets of Fiction response question slips (a total of 30 prompts) and 3 sets of Nonfiction response question slips (a total of 15 prompts). These are must-haves for beginning writers!

This is such a fun and reflective Valentine’s Day activity your young students will love! Get students thinking about all of the things they love and start writing about them, with the added addition of an extra special bracelet!

Who doesn’t love a good holiday? Every day is a National holiday so let’s celebrate them all! Some options are Teddy Bear Day, Play-Doh Day, Citizenship Day, and plenty more! Have students practice with sentence building, creativity writing, handwriting, and sentence mechanics, and of course, have fun!

Get those youngsters really excited about writing with this FREEBIE! Talk Like a Pirate Day is a day full of everything swashbuckling! Students will be eager to share their pirate words and share some pirate stories with this FREE writing prompt!

The kids will have so much fun coming up with their writing piece on how to wash a wooly mammoth! This project connects directly to the popular book, How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth by Michelle Robinson. Study some prehistoric creatures and use the mammoth nonfiction writing sheet  that is included too! Great for beginners!

Of course we can’t forget the snowman writing! How-to build a snowman can be used as a stand alone craft or turn it into so much more by adding fun writing prompts like “Snowman Advice”, “Snowman Stories”, “There once was a snowman…”, “How to Build a Snowman”, and “How to NOT melt a snowman.” This is a must have for beginner writers in the winter!

Now this is a great tool to use all year! This bundle comes with 3 writing prompts for each month! Let our beginners watch their writing grow throughout the year! Check out this great review, “I love the idea of having a writing sample each month. The kids have enjoyed it so far and are looking forward to building their writing portfolios to share with friends and family.” Grab this one for sure!

Let’s make the last one a free one! Making connections is a great beginner writing prompt and everyone loves Spookley! Grab this FREE writing prompt to pair with the movie or the book and have some fun!

Beginning writers are so much fun to teach! Use some writing crafts, journal prompts, and let the creativity flow! Looking for more writing ideas? Check out these other blog posts available now like The Smart Cookie Craft or The Best Journal Prompts! Can’t wait to hear how you use these 15 writing prompts for beginners!